Saturday, October 6, 2007

Brian Boyle Inspiration!

This afternoon I went to the LifeSport camp and helped out for one of their meetings. LifeSport and Lance Watson is putting on a Kona Prep camp to give some great advice on how to conquer the course on race day. It was a great group of athletes, and I got to meet Brian Boyle. Brian Boyle is an athlete that will be competing in his first ever Ironman. His story was incredibly inspirational. He went through a horrific car accident and was in a coma for weeks and was told he wouldn't walk. Check out his story and his Q and A on You should see him now. He is in great shape and you would never guess by looking at him what he went through. I am excited to see him at the finish line. I wish him and all the other campers a great race on Saturday.

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